The day will be held on December 1 and agrave; small theater, the first of three meetings and rsquo; Archbishop of Bari, Francesco Cacucci film cycle with & ldquo; meet in the film & rdquo; .L & Rsquo; initiative organized by Small in collaboration with & rsquo; s Office for Social Communications of the Archdiocese of Bari, born from the desire of the Bishop of & ldquo; & Rdquo occur; priests of the diocese and the common people, in light of & rsquo; Jubilee as an opportunity to reflect on & rsquo; Man and Mercy, and intends to restore the charm & ldquo; old & rdquo; film club started as a single moment of socialization and discussion, through language cinematografico.Per l & rsquo; occasion three titles timberland boots usa were selected timberland online discount shoes yesterday and today that focuses on timberland boots usa the face, with all its uncertainties and agrave; and the availability and agrave; keeping & rsquo; More and amarlo.Si begins with a story about a thief of books, signed on National Exhibition & ldquo; People & rdquo; ACEC and organized by the Foundation for Culture and Communication CEI & ndash; in cooperation with the & rsquo; National Office for Social Communications and the Ministry of Heritage and Activities & agrave; Culturali.Altri agreements Small: Monday; January 18 God and Tuesday; February 23 with III timberlands on women and altri.Ingresso free for all appuntamenti.Inizio view hours 20.00Per info: The Small Cinema, Via Giannone December maioribus, 04, Bari S. Spirito & ndash; tel 080 533 3100 & ndash .;

Research Center of expressive arts loose soil inn in the theater Vidadi Gravina in Puglia (Ba) - Via Giardini, 72, and the door closed and JP SartreDue dates - 9 mai box office from 20.30 to 10 may air kj?kken- 19: 00 Director of the Office Gianni RicciardelliInterpreti: Garcin: Leo CovielloIn & eacute; s: Pia AntonacciEsthelle: Stefania CarulliLa servit?r: Rossella LoglisciScenografia and light: Vito RicciardelliInfo and advance sales: Teresa Cicala cell. 380 2517493SINOSSI & eacute; history Garcin, Estelle and B & egrave; if their descent into helvete. But helvete Sartre not share noe av tradisjonell iconography: no fire, three helter not accompanied av djevelen but servit?r in a ROM uten speil, no windows, just a bronsestatue out of three sedie.Lo surprise & egrave; the first reaksjonen the signs to the door when they understand that the "& timberland cheap uk egrave; not Executioner and no instruments of torture awaits them, or so; credono.Hanno his stories and noe ? do, why is; y share this gapet. But the pain was immediate and soon Innse timberland uk boots how cruel innl?sning begynner sakte and cruel consciousness of his guilt and drama av each person is sant scoperto.Ecco inferno.E "everything in their sinn and egrave; eternal pain as forbrukes in their psyche. Atonement & egrave; memory. They are mirrored av each other, and actually look at the others who avsl?rer all into streams be free menn thrown timberland shoes for men inn in the world.

under Novello Castle & egrave; music, food and wine pugliesi.Tre days find typicality & agrave; our country and revels among street artists, songs and dances, crafts, theater, exhibitions and concerts live.Tra glasses raised to the sky and development of flavors, Novello castle in embracing wine lovers live allegria.L'evento Now in its seventh edition, promotes a whole : timberland beef and broccoli from museums and churches open from farms to timberland customer service the narrow streets of one of the most historic cities and ugrave; suggestive Mezzogiorno.Novello below the castle focuses on increasing the typical product: the gastronomic journey, according to the latest editions and egrave; It is built exclusively with products from Puglia and quality & agrave ;. Among the wines not only new, but also primitive, Malvasia Nera and negroamaro.Il Novello time in the castle covers old heart of the city & agrave; Conversano, put them on display, thanks to the free tours Pro Loco and cooperative Armida, unknown to most corners and timberland premium boots ugrave ;. With this opportunity & agrave; it satisfies the objectives of the event, namely the development of the region through its bellezze.Ampio Space & egrave; dedicated to the exhibition of Art & egrave; RIA, an exhibition organized by the facts in China, located in the Church of St. Joseph.

Regional Puglia 2015: Guide votSeggi open seven this morning: Today, 3,608,991 voters Puglia, spread over 4,016 points are called to the polls to choose Nichi Vendola's successor as head of the Puglia region and 50 counselors who will complement the new regional assembly. Potra & agrave; vote for timberland mens shoes tomorrow 23.Intanto candidates leaders went to their seats belong to high, cast a final appeal participation and invite people in Puglia to go to the polls. In the outgoing president, Nichi Vendola, the polling station, but want to Puglia for the future and for the selection of new governatore.Emiliano seat: & Do not give up its right to vote and - Laricchia: & Good free vote for all & turnout at timberland uk 19: DATA AGGIORNATIAFFLUENZA TIMER 12: DATA Common PROVINCE BARICOMUNALI 2015: turnout 12 hours seven municipalities throughout VOTOI CANDIDATES - Seven candidates are competing for the position Vendola: Michele Emiliano (center), Adriana Poli Bortone (center), Francesco Schittulli (center) , Antonella Laricchia (Movement 5 Stars), Michael Rizzi (communist alternative), Riccardo Rossi (The Other Puglia), Gregory men timberland shoes Mariggi & ograve; (Federation of Greens) & gt ;. & Gt; & Gt; READ programs CANDIDATES & lt; & Lt; & Lt; This is all the information needed to votare.Quando and how I voted documents necessary for votareCome request a duplicate card elettoraleCome require a vote resort domiciliareCome vote assistitoDove you votaTutte lists and candidate for & ldquo; It might interest you: on Facebook: http: // FacebookpagesBari Today211622545530190

Tomorrow night at Barry & egrave; Expected to be a major challenge: the red and white will be guests in Pescara in anticipation of the 32 th day of the Serie B.Alla eve of the meeting with the inhabitants of Abruzzo, cockerels coach Davide Nicola made a point of difficult task tomorrow Stadium Adriatico & ldquo. ; Tomorrow & egrave; very challenging game is because & egrave; Games like the early evening because & egrave; Our timberland bag adversaries are among the best teams in the league & ndash; Our challenge will debut Nicola.- & agrave; be willing to go to the timberland bag game after all & egrave; Said & rdquo; .Cos; to fight against Avellino, against the people of Abruzzo '& egrave; great rivalry & agrave; and therefore great pressure: & Pi & ugrave; who pushed expectations of conversation - said Nicola.- Pescara count because & egrave; you & egrave; make some important way. If, however, the result will be & agrave; self-ugrave; important that the next game and then; one. Point & egrave; which should be improved to better handle the pressure that comes from & rsquo; Foreign and be calm whatever the outcome & rdquo; .In Pescara miss timberland slip on three owners but Nicola think not: beef and broccoli timberland boots & rdquo; I honestly they lack in Pescara good players, but egrave; team reserves holders of par. Numerically speaking, there are players of good quality & agrave; and I want to emphasize that I judge a team of top three or four in the league, he is doing so well; .While As we do in relation to training biancorossa technician reveals nothing, and I still have a few things to consider that may involve changes and rsquo; cut saw in the last game & rdquo ;.

He. Her. Several suspended between desire and boredom. Hans & egrave; writer engaged in writing a book for women. She intention of saving love for swamp of weariness and egrave; a woman who is not exempt from the game of disguises, under the guise of providing new material fantasy mate. And here she marched under the gaze occasionally curious puzzled disoriented man in the role of women in the past, modern woman, female prostitute timberland boots mens Lolita, a doll-woman angel. The fact that some spectator separate order as a kind of student, it presents as a teacher-author of the book, showing off cheap timberland boots for men knowledge about creatures that it fails to understand. Although reduced for convenience and simplification in stereotypes, represented cheap timberland boots for men women (masks that timberland gilet reduce the multifaceted nature of women) are revealed much more & ugrave; complicated than I want to know the protagonist, who is fascinated and dash to result drammatico.Tentativo travel female comic and tragic at the same time, instructions for use and Woman egrave; stage adaptation of the story Instructions Antonio De Rosa, published in 2009, 100 copies of numerateProdotto AVIAPERVIA, the show sees the scene immediately Eva, who plays with uncommon verve metamorphic all seven female roles, and Mauro De Felice, a part of the author clear between the desire timberland gilet to understand and despair, between paradise imaginary and artificial paradises. Stage adaptation and direction of Antonio De Rosa.TEATRO OF Cagno - BARI Saturday April 18 HOURS 21BIGLIETTO EUR 7info and reservations: 080/5027439 - 3351723584

Джон VergaRegiaGuglielmo FerroConDaniele Liotti и 7 други attoriProduzione selskapet MoliereDa драматична гледна точка на фигурата на вълка, който вече беше & agrave; женска фигура счупи производство Верга, резонира днес много актуален и agrave; като всеки един от героите архетип на литературата. Gn & agrave; Pina има чар и сила, която излезе с голяма лекота и agrave; от текста, позволяващ пренаписване стимулиране и творчески. & Egrave; й timberland footwear uk днес, извън Сицилия Верга, унищожаване на една цифра, която не е смекчаващо п & eacute; Психологически п & eacute; историко-социално. La Lupa & egrave; радикално ожесточена. Нейният чар & egrave; упражняван върху всички онези, които са близо до timberland oxford безмилостно & agrave ;, като проклятие, което носи страдание, зависимост и смърт. Поетична език, направен от ръчни и игри с думи, че januar & agrave; Pina използва да съблазни Nanni или че сурова, насилие, хитър, за да покори дъщеря й да има в тази версия на темпа категоричен, словесно заклинание. Проза & egrave; умишлено съвременен избор на лексика, като остане закотвен & rsquo; език съоръжение Verga. Само благодарение на наличието на Lina Sastri, една от малкото актриси в състояние да поддържат womens timberland boots uk своята роля, както и; комплекс, където & rsquo; преводач, трябва да разпитва повече слоеве и ugrave; дълбоко в душата си, вие & egrave; са извършили проекта & ldquo; Вълка & rdquo ;. В стремежа & rsquo; оптично драматична постановка се играе всичко на една & rsquo; редуване на светлина и сянка, слънце и луна, която не & egrave прави; timberland oxford за & ograve; дихотомията доброзло а womens timberland boots uk по-скоро за сканиране на природен зверски живот се върти около La Lupa.

The law of Izbor, Schittulli: Double and chairs GI & agrave; Laws Apulia stressed predadeni of Emilian & 27mi fevruari 2015 for selective law Emilian & Candida & ograve; Genis-head of the party Demokraticheskata vv vsichki Puglia region in the province and 27 fevruari 2015 Svetlin greener on selective law. But Sweaty privodnyavane ravenstvoto & agrave; Paul 26ti fevruari 2015 Pole tension, election of leaders in Kato shestte region of Puglia timberland brown boots in predstoyaschite regionalnite Izbor: yes ad & egrave; regionalniya Demokraticheskata secretary of the party and candidate Michele Emiliano.Un lyavotsentristkata Sobschenieto Idwal not e iznenadvascho Che who sells timberland boots svpada with international hi on zhenite and Th spored bivshy Kme? to Bari, & egrave; & who sells timberland boots A Prvi concrete white timberland boots for men actions for preodolyavane on narushavaneto properly and equality. Emilian in deystvitelno with Izbor on TEZIER candidate talked on e Tova, koeto Bechet ad in Results on othvrlyaneto on polovete and agrave; Novia sex selective law in COGAT seemed like Th e nominiran lead Serie A vv vsichki six provinces in Puglia stress. Zhenite Emilian shte podchertaya & Sa not turn izgotveni random principle or imposed otgore, Ben; Horatio political history ekzemplyari, izvnrednoto sposobnostta & agrave; km bdescheto gledame and yes see angazhirat in Tazi & .i white timberland boots for men name - SA leaders, sotvetno, Maril & ugrave; Naples Puglia. Loredana Capone in the province of Lecce, Brindisi Antonela Vincenti, Patrizia Lusi for Foggia, Anna Rita Lem Taranto and Deborah Ciliento for BAT.

Rutigliano, angrep med en pistol the baren: videooverv?kningskameraer, 13 august 2015 Rutigliano, kom med en pistol the baren: en Rover Fanget opp av kameraer 13 august 2015 Fanget the inngangsd?r en av Butikken, og egrave; Han unngikk treffe ham med ? spark og slag, men egrave; Det ble tatt p? av slutten Jakten. Politiet arrestert har en 21 ?r timberland cheap mens shoes gammel innbygger timberland mens boots the Valenzano Japigia kvartal Bari, mistenkt for F?rs?k p? ran. Den greasy mannen kom inn buy the gull landet f?rst provde ? ? tvinge ekspedit?ren overlevere samlingen, men kvinnen er operert sikkerhetssystem ved ? fange tyven mellom discount timberland boots Havner automatizzate.IL videoer for fors?kt RAPINAQuest'ultimo, prangende pasient ;, & agrave Slatt og er glass timberland mens boots slo i stand til ? Brite og forsvinner sporl?st. Politiet m? & ograve; arrestert kort tid etter, mens han var p? en buss p? vei til Bari: Synet av Carabinieri, 21 ?r gammel fors?kte ? flykte umiddelbart til det halve: ubrukelig. Slagene mot glasset s?r for?rsaket av og hender f?tter, medisinert sykehus "Venus" og egrave; Det ble raskt avvist prognose for 12 dager, og deretter egrave; Det er holdt the husarrest.

& Egrave; It was presented at the Palace CITY The new edition of the local scene in the Regional Natural Lama Balice. Two dates are scheduled: Sunday, December 27, 16.00 to 21.00 with a vibrant local scene and on January 6, timberland outlet store 11.30 to 13.30 and from 16.30 to 19.30 hours in & rsquo; the arrival of the Magi on horseback who brought gifts to Jesus & ugrave; bambino.ATTENZIONE: & RAIN CAUSE Christmas with the arrival of the kings timberland boots 6 inch will be given; Done Sunday, December 10th 11:00 hours until 13:00 and 16.30 to 19 From: 00 & - TELEPHONE 320 5775582Nella staging will participate as mentioned some of the children with disabilities, followed by & rsquo; Angels of Life Association and some citizens of migrants they wanted to take part in the local scene to bring testimony to the dialogue for peace. Pets come instead from the farmhouse of the angels in public life and are usually mens timberland boots sale engaged on domestic routes therapy.IL LINK event on visitors FBI came near Villa Framarino, you will find the information you need to get to where & egrave; asks presepe.Accanto Center of d & rsquo; Art 89, Proloco Holy Spirit and the angels in life, associations involved in the implementation of the local scene this year: moving naturalization Pro Lama Balice, Festivals Committee Holy Spirit of Terre Peucezi, Study Center Southern & ldquo; & Rdquo Aldo Moro; and National Association of Carabinieri leave - part of Bari.

Some made of & lsquo; 43di and conPaolo PanaroMincuccio Malerba & egrave; Young fisherman in a small town on the coast of Puglia. Durantela WWII & egrave; sailor of the Royal Italian Navy, but after the tragic 8settembre 1943 he found no ship, penniless and dying customize timberlands to sestesso of & rsquo; Corfu & ugrave ;, occupied by the Nazis. How to save and go home? Onother Italian timberland boots shoes sale runners take possession of the boat line. Thirteen refugees remanosenza stop channel for d & rsquo; Otranto while & eacute; They're not on the coast of Salento. Mincucciorisale alone and go Puglia. Along the way she crosses Otranto land already inhabited Solod buy timberlands online women. Pi & ugrave; in & agrave; meets a group of olive pickers disorder seek difarlo associated with a young pity that Rita had lost her husband the night before dinozze has lost its reason. Finally, at night, she is assisted by a smuggler who gliracconta people died during the war. When he finally comes home she finds lesionatadalle bombs. He sees his father, much buy timberlands online older and more & ugrave; bad as before: Germans hannoespropiato customize timberlands his only livelihood boat. After Mincuccio decided acomprare new boat, approves the proposal for the Italian-American soldier rowing unaregata friendship held & agrave; in the port of Brindisi between boats of the Allied nations. And & egrave only in the waters of this port, which incidentally Mincuccio, having survived the war, I'll go and agrave; meets his tragic destino.Posto just outside numerato7.00 Euro Info. 3471788446

Lukker ministagione prosa 2 015 CITY Adelaide organisert av Public Theater Pugliese i timberland boots for cheap & rsquo; Municipal Auditorium s?ndag timberland authentic mai 10 ved 21.00 med historier regi av Vito Signorile. Et forslag i 2015 til bare to titler (den f?rste LED Peppe Barra) i p?vente av et prosjekt som skal utvikle og agrave; teater neste ?r, i september, i kommunen ble partner av TPP i flere m?neder, og at GI & agrave; Han hadde en veldig god respons fra publikum, solgte plass Auditorium innen dager cartellone.Storie og historier om den muntlige tradisjonen med Barry og den nye folkefantasien; & Ldquo; warhorses & rdquo; alle glade kunstnere banketter. Refreng, dikt, oppfinnelser, timberland cheap footwear uk fortellinger, historier uten ende, som er en del av en stor immateriell kulturarv. I rytmisk ordspill, sanger, historier, gamle og nye, Vito Signorile timberland boots for cheap og David Ceddia selv gleden av ? spille med publikum b?rstet de gamle bonariet & agrave tillatt; og ondskap som pi & ugrave; seniorer og at-ugrave; Unge mennesker elsker fortsatt holder ? tilbringe en fin kveld sammen. Med sin trekkspilleren og pianisten Roberto Baratto som timberland cheap footwear uk ledsage dem og st?tte dem med deres tastiere.BIGLIETTIda 12 & euro; 15 & euro; INFOBiblioteca Umberto 119tel. 080.4597455

While the parties discuss coalitions and candidates for governor, has asterisk Five movement already agrave; selected 50 aspiring speaker consiglieriin choice Puglia in 2015 14 inch timberland boots after technical problems and withdrawal of the first ballot, the activists were able to express their preferences through "Regionali" actually rete.In & agrave ;, name selected is 51 (including 15 province of Bari) because & eacute; in the second phase, including, after further consultation online, come and agrave; presidential candidate: & - explains Giuseppe Brescia, spokesman for the Movement for the Chamber of Deputies - the within a week or two we will complete everything and .REGIONALIE: the names of the candidates and RISULTATIDopo selection of candidates will be stepped & agrave; completion of the election program, implemented by specific working groups coordinated by those who sit in parliament, and we decided cheap timberland boots online - says Brescia - fornirela our experience, ideas adapt to reality timberland boots outlet & agrave; regional, in the case of Puglia, for example by analyzing the many environmental problems GI agrave; Addressed in recent timberland boots outlet months as ILVA, no and no TRIV Tap. We try to imagine another way of doing politics, as opposed to others. I remember the case Emilab: us, otherwise we do not leave our activists, 14 inch timberland boots but the transfer of ideas over and over.

PERC TRAX VS POLE GROUP showcase for several years, these two labels woven deeply collaborative bonds with windows and exchange of artists in several publications. Saturday, June 20 and arrive in Italy Perc Kwartz.Se second artist (kwartz) & egrave; rising star on the Spanish scene, which quickly attracted the attention of label Pole Group for their productions enclosing dark and creepy, Perc & egrave; now considered one of the main symbols of English techno music. After nearly fifteen years of work & agrave ;, DJ & ograve; boast the foundation for the success of his own label (Perc Trax) and collaboration and remixes on the highest level, for example: Dj Hell, surgeon, Chris Liebing, where to buy timberland boots for cheap Einstein & uuml; rzende Neubaten.BLACK MADONNA: When Smart Bar, independent local historian in the United timberland jackets for men States included the Black Madonna in their homes, no one would believe that the influence of the artist will have the whole dance scene in North America. After a year she was awarded the artistic direction of local programming with fresh, new and unconventional sometimes literally revolutionized the clubbing underground stars and stripes. Black Madonna & egrave; also experienced a DJ and producer; His sets are fresh rain of music ranging from techno to dance beautifully. Everything & ograve; This has led to recognition mondiale.LINE UP: & Phi; & cheap timberland outlet Omega; & Rope; & Iota; ? Stage: Perc- Kwartz- Prepared & Alpha; ? & roll; & Alpha; Stage: The Black Madonna - Codeless - HylemBIGLIETTI: Box Office: 10; 15 euroINFORMAZIONI: https: // FacebookquonmusicstefanommrecmikigironegmailInfo Line: 331 935 44 10

It provides money finance to avoid seizure cheap timberland earthkeepers of counterfeit goods, arrested September 10, 2013 he tried to bribe two police officers with 400 锟? after timberland womens he was found with counterfeit goods packed in his van, handcuffed and egrave; because; full un45enne Chinese timberland junior boots origin, criminal record, residing in Poggiofranco. E "accused him of attempted bribery Man & egrave; he was stopped on the street Trisorio Liuzzi close Loseto, while he was driving a minibus, where the product is ready for sale in shops run by compatriots. Outside military was first offered four to 锟?50 notes one of them when, after the rejection of those who tried inutilmentedi shove money into the pocket of his uniform jacket, then further complicated his position, he has tried to provide another 锟?200 second associate 45 years old timberland womens & egrave; He was then immediately arrested and taken to jail, seized money, goods and the truck.

Armed with Kalashnikov rifle and ready to shoot, around mid Terlizzi aboard large car kidnapped a month ago in Corato. Seized by the police, arrested criminals over two Albanians, GI & agrave; looks because & eacute; be presented & rsquo; an obligation to remain in their general residenza.Questa morning police are on duty in the control, they noticed the car and Delta Lancia, parked in Avenue Federico II, carrying three people. Quick check conducted by plate number, car & egrave; led kidnapped 8 inch timberland boots last month in the city of Corato and the authors of the robbery were identified as citizens departure albanese.VIDEO: Weapons seized by CARABINIERIDopo requested reinforcements, the police intervened by blocking the wood for verification. At the sight of the military, the three young men quickly away, trying to go away timberland hypertrail on nearby streets. Two of them were chased and stopped by the police, while a third & egrave; dileguarsi.La able to find all & rsquo; internal & rsquo; the car is left to recover 8 inch timberland boots on the back timberland discount code seat Kalashnikov rifle and pistol Tokarev cal.7.65 brand. Both weapons were loaded and shot canna.Gli arrested no fixed abode, was taken to prison in Trani available for local prosecutor's office, and will have to answer for possession of weapons and ammunition, as well as & eacute; of stolen property and resisting an official.

The feelings of the past year and the enthusiasm of a large staff to enter the new year in the best timberland moc toe possible way, timberland black boots it & egrave; Our revelation spend a charming and elegant atmosphere of the Court of Tower Longa .Passerete Epiphany really a family, spoil we you, we will think for all of us to keep you well and most of timberland moc toe all to entertain you with taste with the right spirit, and with an eye for your palate .You quality music & agrave ;, Dinner show accompanied Luca Ruco DJ and eacute; from refined timbre & agrave; Justxband.In where can i get black timberland boots house that magical evening released will & agrave; ! everything perfect *** *** EVENING programs & bull; 9:00 p.m. Dinner show Luca Ruco Dj & bull; 1:30 JustXband Vibrant House Music & bull; 2:30 DJ Set With Rocco Tetro, Vanny Deep, Roberto Iacoviello & amp; Vito Tribuzio Live Percussion *** *** FOR & bull; Dinners Entertainment 锟?35.00; & Bull; Section evening 锟?10.00; & Bull; Alcoholic drinks 锟?7.00; & Bull; Table 200 EUR 2 Kit and 10 pass .prenotazioni 320/4049266 Maria Panza

Open still perpochigiorni ( leiscrizioni event scheduled for L20 dicembrenellaquale sar & agrave; lamaratona can work with its 42,195 km (stages: Barletta, Bisceglie, Trani, timberland discount men shoes Molfetta, Giovinazzo, starting from 9:30 Barletta, Piazza Cavour and arrival timberland shoes for sale cheap in Giovinazzo, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele) and lamezza Marathon 21,097 km (trail stages of Bisceglie, Molfetta, Giovinazzo, starting H11: 00 of Bisceglie, Via Carrara Salsello and arrival in Giovinazzo, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele); it will be a family, he wanted to engage children and families in the long diaggregazione.Madrina event, dancer, actor has epresentatriceRossella Bresciache Accogli & agrave; and President & agrave; first athletes all'arrivo.Un unique path & egrave; in fact, suggested that touches the Romanesque cathedrals of the five cities involved, wind in urban centers and along the coast, giving a competitive race in competitions, but also by content emozionale.L'organizzazione developed unpacchetto turisticoper participants thanks participation of associated facilities in the area timberland uk are able to offer a wider range of services to runners. Also a number of interesting offertesull'acquistodel race, for those not yet effettuatol'iscrizione (details .ISCRIZIONI AND

continues today timberland blue boots XSELVA paragliding competition in 2015 with the second leg of Rosa Marina All 12 o'clock yesterday, Cristian IAIA, CEO of Sports of Monopoli cut Nasto starts dell'Impalata square, and many drivers Paragliding Puglia, Campania, Basilicata, in addition to Swiss outsider, I started going to take off from the beginning of the first phase of what & egrave; set to become the bodies and the growing popularity & agrave; Fly & amp; Hike Puglia: XSELVA.Il road for the first game, the more & ugrave; Usually strong wind blowing Mistral almost all day and egrave; It was completed by 10 of the 25 drivers involved. Eight have completed the course completely flush and two pilots timberland earthkeepers chelsea boot were forced to land at intermediate points, true to the competition rules have come to the timberland oakwell foot after foot of dirt road a few kilometers with heavy equipment in spalla.Oggi Competition continues after the award ceremony in the intermediate stage of the men and women in class with a ribbon cutting and street and mayor of Cisternino.La second phase it presents more-ugrave; complex of the first drivers turn buoy and virtual & Montalbano, will do more & ugrave; The shares may then draw Rights and & Rosamarina.In the occasion of the beginning of the second phase opens photo contest on Instagram, available for all launched directly from the popular social network ashtag # Selva2015L'evento & egrave; This was made possible thanks to the many sponsors, including Diva Spa, Innovatec SPA, information and updates on events and news Canale7 (74 DT).

30 November 2015 timer 16.30ATENEO, Conference Hall 1, Piazza Cesare Battisti 1 - Bari1 December 2015 timer 18.30CASA GIANNINIVia Sparano 172 & ndash; BariIngresso Free & Resonans LevanteFEDERICO, Puer Apuliae & Seminar & ndash; ConcertoMaria Stjerne Cal infants timberland boots & ograve; MarianiUniversit & agrave; Barry University & ldquo; & Rdquo Aldo Moro; Nicola CiceraleConservatorio & ldquo; & Ograve Niccol; Piccini & rdquo; BariConcerto musikk medievaleFOLLORUM ENSEMBLEFollorum EnsembleNicola Cicerale, sang, ghirondaMara Campobasso, sang, arpaGiovanni Mastrangelo, sang, Saz & lsquo; ūdAldo Grillo, percussioniGiovanni Gelao, fl?yter, cornamuseIl PROSJEKT Resonans Levantepluriennale og eacute; Modular & egrave; Conservatory Produksjon av & ldquo; N. Piccini & rdquo; Ment p? ? bli presentert timberland mens footwear steder preget Territory Pugliese tilbyr the form av forestillinger timberland mens footwear the ?ret, episoder the historien til og Bari Puglia, eller som endrede fundamentalt endret den sale timberland shoes sosiale veven pugliese.La musikalsk presentasjon, st?ttet bibliografiske studier av og vitnesbyrd, rekonstruere de Historiske hendelsene i det siste skjedde the land av denne andre ?rlige bidrag Puglia.Per & agrave; du & egrave; VELGE en ekstraordin?r skikkelse the & rsquo; feltet historisk Puglia: l & rsquo; Keiser Fredrik II, som introduserer oss til og de ambisjoner bekymringer & rsquo; Middelalderens Europe. A & rsquo; mulighet til ? reflektere over verdiene av sivilisert liv, ikke Oke, et tall som ? fortsetter fange v?r oppmerksomhet.